Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who tweets on Twitter?

I think I am becoming addicted to Twitter. I joined to open the possibilities of more sales and now I am hooked. Today Silkfair featured one of my boards on Twitter, which they have done before but it really made my day. I haven't even been able to get on the front page of Etsy and Silkfair has featured me on the front page, plus has mentioned my store or a board several times. Don't get me wrong I love Etsy and I have had lots of sales on Etsy but I would like to be recognized once in a while. I worked on my Silkfair store and Artfire store today. I think I have a cute product but I am just not reaching my customers. Anyway Twitter is becoming a part of my life even if I don't have anything to talk abt it is interesting to see what some people have to say. Check out this board! This is my Cabin Fever Board.

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