Monday, April 20, 2009

Got me a new computer!

I took my old computer to be updated and she sd how old is this computer, I told her it was 5 years old, she sd you don't have much "Ram" left, we can't even remove enough off of it to speed up your computer, you need to get more "Ram". Since I am so Computer Savey all I could say is how much will that cost and will I lose any thing I have on my computer. She laughed at me! Told me ram is not the hard drive. Anyway while I was there I found a computer I wanted and had the old one updated, so now I have 2. Just what I need. Maybe I can hook both of them up and do twice as much work. Maybe my Crafting business will flourish and I will be able use both computers. I haven't sold any boards and I haven't made any more boards, I have been busy sewing for my granddaughter.

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