Thursday, June 5, 2008

I love my job but

I love my job in the furniture business but I really like crafting. I can't wait to come home and start a new project or work out the details of a project I want to do. I just finished a fleece blanket for my son and now I am putting together a Razerback quilt for my daughter's boyfriend's birthday in July. I have the fabric but have not quite decided how I want to do it. I have drawn up the blocks several times but just not sure how I want it to go. Such a small thing to worry about. It just has to feel right, then everything runs smoothly. I was looking at Cupkakeartillery's jewelry today and she has put together some new pieces. She has been working hard. Take a look at her new stuff.


CupKake Artillery said...
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CupKake Artillery said...

Trents blanket is really cute! You should think about getting your own .com. I bet you would get alot more traffic.


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