Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Quick Trip to West Texas!

I got a call from my step dad that he was in the hospital and I needed to come out so I could take care of my mom. This is not an easy trip because it is clear across the state of Texas from my house to her house. I had to make arrangements at work to get a couple of days off then we packed and took off. It took 8 plus hours and that was with a heavy foot and only gas stops. Well, he was home and doing fine so after a short 2 day visit we headed back. I was surprised to see how green it was in West Texas and all those windmills. Hundreds of Wind Power Turbines.
The traffic wasn't too bad and the weather stayed pretty good. Only it was hot!

I came back hoping I had some boards sold, but no luck. It has been slow. Anybody got any ideas that could help my sales? I am willing to listen.


Grandma Betty said...


I stumbled onto your blog and then saw your "memory boards". Not knowing what one was I clicked on your Etsy shop and finally found a description.

Your pictures do not do them justice. Take at least one picture of the whole board hanging on a wall so one can get the perspective of the overall look.

I really like them and think you could sell them with better pics.

Also you may want to cut your announcement down to several paragraphs as that does irritate some folks when it is so long.

My etsy shop is:

Grandma Betty

Kayskrafts said...

Thanks, I will try to incorp. your ideas into my shop. I appreciate your input.


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