Friday, October 17, 2008

I wanna know!

Did ya ever see the rain? It rained all the way to Shreveport. I usually don't mind the rain but I don't really like to drive in it especially when I have to drive some of the smaller roads.. People are crazy! They either drive so fast they try to run you down or they drive so slow that 55 mph would be a great speed to be at. You can't pass them because of the traffic, you just have to turn the music up and roll with the flow. There is about 30 miles of road like that that I had to drive on from ARK to Shreveport and at 7 am there are school buses, trucks, people trying to get to work and then there is "Drive Slow Joe" taking his time, he has all day, 45 mph is a good speed for him in the rain. I made it to my meeting with 5 min to spare. But had to get my blood pressure under control before I could enter the building. Therefore no crafting for me yesterday!

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