Sunday, September 28, 2008

I think I am addicted!

I left to go to the grocery store and thought I would go by Michael's Craft Store, just to see what kind of sale they were having. Well, that meant I found something to buy. I can't pass Michael's by without going in to see what they have. I know what they have but there may be something I just can't live without. I can't wait to get the Sunday paper so I can check out for the Michael's coupon. It is bad. And the worst is I love to look at their buttons. I am a buttonholic! I go straight to the button isle first before I go to the rest of the store. I look through the button pkgs just to see if there is a button I might need for my boards. It is bad! My next sin is fabric! Thank goodness Walmart is giving up their fabric because I can give my grocery business to someone else. I always hit the fabric dept and get something. Now I don't have to go there unless I really need something I can't get elsewhere.

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